Why PR

Why Marketing Communication and Public Relations (PR)? 
Where you are a multinational corporation (MNC), a growing company, a new startup, a non-profit organization (NPO), or a government agency, you will need to build and protect your reputation, to reach out to; the media, to businesses, to partners, to prospects, to customers, and the public. There are many ways to reach out to people and build brands, and we are here to help you. We help you in building your brand.

PR is Brand and Reputation Building
Public Relations (PR) is not a “sales tool on the cheap”. PR is about building your reputation, your brand’s mindshare, and your products’ outreach to the public, steadily and carefully through sustained commitment. A PR program, as part of our Marketing Communication Practice, address communication with the media (broadcast, print, trade, online, digital), as well as all the stakeholders of an organization, to create a supportive and successful ecosystem that builds your brand to the vertical customers, stakeholders, and to the masses. 

We deliver a full spectrum of communication services for a synergistic marketing program for you, all over the globe.
• Competitive Analysis & Research
• Branding & Collateral Design (strategy, naming, visual/corporate identity/revamping)
• Advertising, Direct Marketing & Events
• News Release writing & Visuals
• News Release distribution (newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, online)
• Photography & Video (ambient light, flash lighting, portraits, events)
• Independent journalism or Press Meet (executive interviews)
• Online Market Presence of Brand

Advertising & Direct Marketing

If you need to reach out to direct customers as a sales strategy, we can help you. We can creatively deploy great Advertising Campaigns (print, broadcast, outdoors, online video) and Direct Mail Campaigns in India that will Impact, Excite, Engage, and Sell.

We work closely with associates and partners, to help you launch a synergistic campaign for the following:

• Advertising
• Advertising (Web 2.0, social media, Internet and multimedia)
• Advertising (TV, Newspapers and radio)
• Advertising (outdoor, e.g. bus panels, billboards, hoardings)
• Direct Marketing (including Door to  Door, Internet, Email, and CD-ROMs)
• Social media and Digital marketing campaigns (FB, Twitter, Youtube)
• Advertising by Celebrity Endorsements & Events
• Advertising by Fashion Events / Beauty Pageants / Exhibitions (Single City + Multi-City)

NOTE: We can manage the entire workflow from concept to publication on your behalf, and take care of every kind of executions that are required.

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